The following items are strictly prohibited on Mt. Mancelona Property.

We reserve the right to search any vehicle and person upon entry, and thorough searches are conducted.

  • Weapons or violence of any kind

    • Either will result in immediate ejection from the property.

    • Mount Mancelona does not acknowledge open carry.

    • You are not permitted to bring in guns, knives or any other weapons.​

  • Illegal substances, drug use of any kind is strictly prohibited

  • Glass containers or glass beer bottles

  • Rage sticks, signs on poles—call them what you will—please refrain from bringing them into the main venue

    • They are potentially dangerous to surrounding attendees and block already compromised views for shorter folks. Remember, we’re all in this together.

  • Charcoal grills

    • Propane camp stoves are fine.

  • Campfires or open flame heaters

    • We will have multiple controlled large and small bonfires so bring smores! 

  • Paper lanterns

    • These are serious fire hazards in the national forest and any person caught doing so will be ejected. There have been charges of arson related to causes such as this.

  • Fireworks

  • Smoking – Please refrain from smoking around venue using the designated areas.  Please do not smoke in front of kids and help us make it a healthy atmosphere for all.

  • Drumming after midnight

    • Out of respect for the neighbors in our community and your neighboring campers who may want to sleep.

  • Unauthorized vending

  • Solicitation for petition signatures of any affiliation

    • These are not allowed along the entrance driveway, in the main venue or vendor village. You may, however, serenade attendees with songs of hope, protest, and kindness at will.

  • Laser pens or similar focused light devices

  • Loud recorded music

    • Because seriously, we’ve got you covered in the music department.

  • Generators

    • Except from noon to 10 p.m.

  • Motorized vehicles

    • Golf carts, ATVs, etc.—this applies to all areas: camping, parking and the concert venue.  If you want to bring a golf cart for handicap reasons or to ride the surrounding Mancelona Trails please contact us for permission and process.  231.499.4968

  • Hunting

  • Vehicles in designated forested areas or fire lanes


Service dogs/animals:

Send a message to for any questions regarding animals on the property.

  1. Contact us ahead of time if you will be bringing a service animal.

  2. Come with the appropriate paperwork—no exceptions. The person with disabilities being led or accompanied has to have in his or her possession a pictured identification card certifying that the dog was trained by a qualified organization or trainer. Guide or leader dog must be wearing a harness, a blaze orange leash and collar, hearing dog cape, or service dog backpack.—THE MICHIGAN PENAL CODE (EXCERPT) Act 328 of 1931.

  3. After you arrive with your service animal with the proper documentation, you will be camped in ADA camping for your own safety and convenience.

    4. Please clean up after your pets!



If you need to find accommodations for the weekend please contact us for options and great care!  231.499.4968


If you want to bike, hike, disc golf or other sport-related outdoor recreation please make sure to sign the waiver at the box office or information stations.  We want to keep this mountain for all to enjoy and it is a rustic untouched forest floor for nearly 60 years besides winter skiing between 1952-1984.  Treasure it and your impact and help us design the future!  Feedback welcome!


Access to the main venue is controlled and monitored by festival security. Here is a list of things to keep in mind when entering the main venue:



  • Low-backed chairs and blankets—behind sound pit only (we have plenty of room for all!)

    • Please only bring chairs that don’t block the view of other music fans that are sitting on the ground. If you have tall lawn chairs, beach umbrellas or any other items that might impair the sight of other music fans please be considerate and relocate. No land grabbing! Blankets/chairs left overnight will be removed.

  • Empty water bottles

    • Free filling stations will be available in the venue.

  • Snacks

    • We will have amazing food for all including gluten-free, vegan and other options.


  • Outside alcohol with special events providing alcohol.  We are not selling alcohol so for now, it is BYOB festival style or check with us for specific details and please do not drink and drive.  

  • Video cameras or professional cameras with detachable lenses – Please contact 231.499.4968 for a media pass for professional photographers and media access.  

  • Bad attitudes, it is all about the mountain love ya’ll!